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Enhanced Interrogation

James E Mitchell, Mark Steyn Show, 14-03-2017.

James E Mitchell, the man who waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), talks to Mark Steyn in an extended interview about Mitchell's new book Enhanced Interrogation.

We assume it's important for them to like us. And that if they only liked us, if they only understood that we want to live in peace with them, then everything would be OK. But it's actually the opposite. What KSM told me was that our judicial system, our bill of rights, our civil liberties, our desire to have other people in the world like us, were all weapons that Allah had placed in our minds so that we could be defeated by the islamists, who had the true dominion of the world.

They believe that they have been demanded, actually compelled, by Allah to purge the world.
I asked him one time: why do you guys call this the religion of peace, when all I see you do is killing people or blow people up? And he said: well, we are the religion of peace. The world will be at peace when there is a Muslim caliphate in charge of the entire world and everyone has either been converted, killed or enslaved. So we're spreading peace. We are the religion of peace.

KSM told me that western democracy and true Islam, or sharia, cannot co-exist. Because we foolishly believe, that we have some say in what our laws should be, and how we should dress, and we can change those things. We think we get a vote in how to live our lives, but that's not true. How are we supposed to live our lives is in the Koran and in the perfect words and deeds of the prophet. And so we should live by analogy to what he did and not come up with new ways of living that please us.

Here is what I think Americans don't know. When they kill people, it's an act of worship. One of the things that became clear to me when I was talking with these guys is that one way they show their love for Allah and one way they show how powerful Allah is, is by slaughtering people who are hopeless to prevent it.
So when they cut the throat of a Yazidi sex slave and she bleeds out in a bowl, that's actually an act of worship, it's not an act of aggression. You know when they crucify children or burn people in cages or in KSM's case when he decapitated Daniel Pearl and then dismembered him, cut his arms and legs of and stacked him in a hole, that was not an act of anger. It was an act of love for his God and he feels as though he shows his god how powerful his god is, by how helpless innocent people are to prevent their destruction.

They believe that they are chosen by their God to purge the world of all of the infidels and all of the apostates, which means any other Muslim that doesn't think exactly the way they think.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other senior terrorists [and islamists], I'm sure would see political correctness as a force multiplier and a cloaking device, because that allows them to operate in the open and ratchet up sharia without being challenged. Because every time you challenge or you push back, there's this made-up islamophobia word that gets tossed to us. I'm a psychologist, I know what a phobia is. There's no islamophobia. That's something made up by the Muslim Brotherhood to be able to keep people from saying what is actually occurring.

Our own president, president Obama, said that more people die in bathtubs than from terror attacks. And the key difference in my mind - and I could be wrong about this - is that bath tubs don't get up every morning and try to figure out some way to set of a nuke in New York. And so he's thinking short term, they're thinking long term.

[The jihadists] can't defeat the military. The target is the mind of the American people. What we're going to do is we're going to outbreed you and we're gonna immigrate into America, we're gonna wrap ourselves into your civil liberties while we ratchet up sharia. We're gonna feed ourselves of of your social welfare system and when the time is right, we're gonna rise up and we're gonna impose [sharia] from within.

What he thinks is that our civil liberties are gifts from Allah, the weapons that have been placed in our minds so that [we] can be defeated. (...)
They think that closing Gitmo is a gift, a weapon, it's a sign of weakness. It's not a sign of strength, it's not a sign of tolerance. Tolerance is a weakness.

He said: we're gonna win, because you don't have the stomach to do what you need to do, in order to prevent us from winning.

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