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Why has the East behaved differently?

Douglas Murray, interviewd by James Delingpole, 25-05-2017.

Victor Orban is a right wing leader. Neighbouring in Slovakia, Robert Fiko is a left wing leader. Now the prime minister of Slovakia and the prime minister of Hungary agree absolutely on the migrant's question and on the Islam and identity question, despite being right wing in Hungary, left wing in Slovakia. Why is this?

This is a fascinating subject to me, because there are very specific reasons, including the fact that the vast majority of the publics there are totally opposed to the mass migration and support their leaders in opposing it.

But another two reasons I submit: Firstly, that Eastern Europe remembers some of this better. In the East, where armies in the past came in, [people] remember this, remember this thing in particular. And the second reason is that they have something that Western Europeans have lost. I say in the book; if you would boil it down to something it would be that Eastern Europe still retains the tragic sense of life, and the Western Europeans have lost it utterly.

We think we've got time off from history. We wish everything away on a tide of human progress, we pretend we don't die, we pretend the point of life is to require more and more things and go on nice holidays. And Eastern Europeans have remembered you don't get time off from history, and that you may be swept away from one direction and then swept away from another, and you ought to be careful with your society.

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