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Equality as a False Norm

Interview by Brian Lamb of Thomas Sowell about his book Preferential Policies, C-Span Q&A, 10-06-1990.

Brian Lamb: Why is it that different parts of the society do better than others?

Thomas Sowell: I would look at it differently. I would say, and especially in the United States, I would say; why would we expect different groups to do the same?. (...)

[W]hy would you expect that countries who've had entirely different histories, located in entirely different climates, different geographies, why would you expect those countries to develop exactly the same mix of skills to exactly the same degree, so that their people arrive on these shores in such a way that they would be represented evenly across the board? Especially since even in countries where most of the population is indigenous, you don't find it there. (...)

Nowhere in the world do you find this evenness that people use as a norm, and I find it fascinating that they will hold up as a norm something that has never been seen on this planet, and regard as an anomaly something that is seen in country after country.

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